Tips for Foot Care While Standing All Day

Are you on your feet all day, every day?  Many of our customers are doctors, nurses, teachers, food servers, flight attendants and more…and often times, their feet HURT!  When customers come into our store with aching feet, we emphasize proper footwear (proper fitting shoes that support you from the ground up…from your arches, to your legs to your back).  While quality footwear is close to our hearts at Schuler Shoes, we also recognize that keeping you and your feet healthy requires a balance of good shoes and good practices.

So, Dr. Karlynn Benson of Skyline Chiropractic in Burnsville offers some really great tips on taking care of your feet, especially if you are standing all day at work, play or you are just one of those people that don’t like to sit down.

1. Avoid locking knees or leaning into hips while standing.

2. Stand when possible with feet hip distant apart pulling up into the abdominals and flattening the lower spine.

3. When standing behind a counter, place your foot on a small step stool in a fencers stance to take pressure off the legs and feet.

4. Stay hydrated, by drinking plenty of water.

5. Keep moving – avoid standing in one position for an extended period of time.

6. Take frequent breaks and sit when possible to rest the feet.

7. After a long shift, rest with legs in recliner or ottoman to help drain any swelling in the feet.  To aid in the draining gently circle the feet clock wise and counter clockwise, as needed.

8. Wear compression socks if swelling in feet and ankles occur while on feet for long periods of time.

9. Wear shoes that fit your feet properly and have good arch support.

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