Lately I was surprised with some new products from the German brands LOV and Catrice. I have to admit that they can’t really be called ‘new’ anymore as I didn’t find the time to write about them these last weeks. However they are still available and summer isn’t over yet so if you see something you like you just have to check your nearest retailer…
The first products I got are from Catrice’s summer collection called ‘soleil d’été’. In this collection it’s all about metallic shimmer and bronzed skin. Here are the products I got to try:

Metal Eyelight

This gel eyeshadow has a nice dark brown shade with golden shimmer in it. I simply applied it like an eyeliner with a pencil. The result doesn’t only look good but also dries quickly and thus stays put all day. The eyeshadow didn’t even rub off when I touched it so that’s a real plus.

Metalip Colour

The lipsticks exist in ‘Nude Metal Mood’, ‘Meet MEtal’ and ‘Brown Sundown’. They are covering with metallic effects, which I didn’t really like as a full metallic lip is just too much for my taste.

Sheer Serum Bronzer

The liquid bronzer is rather dark and I didn’t really know how to apply it for a natural finish. I also didn’t find it as shimmering as I had expected. They suggest you mix it with you foundation, which might look good on really tanned skin though.

Golden Lip Booster

I admit I didn’t test this lip gloss as the idea of a golden lip rather frightens me. However it can be used as a finish over regular lipstick for a lip boost.



Then I also got to try LOV’s The Glacious eyeshadow pens. Again we’re going strong on glitter and metallics. The pens exist in 5 shades of which my favourites are the the bronze shade ‘Lunar Shine’ and the dark purple ‘Lavender Aura’. Thanks to the small tip the pens can easily be used as eyeliners, but unfortunately the tip also breaks easily which is a big no-no for me. Therefor the eyeshadow stays on quite well and has a surprising cooling effect.

All in all there are definitely some products I will be taking to Italy this September. What are your summer cosmetic discoveries this year?

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