Places to buy custom monster high dolls online

I have received plenty of feedback. One of which is from folks asking for places where they can buy custom monster high dolls online. It seems like these guys are hardcore collectors who have almost every commercial available monster high doll in their collections and are looking for something unique. This article is for them as I sourced the Internet to bring you a couple of places where you can order customer monster high dolls. You will also be able to source other dolls and kids toys from these websites.

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Where to buy custom monster high dolls

#1: Etsy

Buy custom monster high dolls online - Etsy

Etsy is the global marketplace for all things hand made and that includes custom monster high dolls. The amount of choices available here is astounding and I am pretty confident you will find something you like. The only downside is the prices. I have seem them ranging from USD40 to over USD200. So, if you like something you see at Etsy, be prepared to prepare more than a retail version of the dolls.


#2: Ebay

Buy custom monster high dolls-Ebay

Ebay is the familiar online marketplace we all know. Surprising, the number of custom monster high dolls for sale here is also quite high. Prices are about the same level as Etsy although there is a way for you to score some cheap customer high dolls. How? Watch for auction based items. Simply create an email alert that informs whenever there is a custom monster high doll up for sale via the auction format. Sometimes, you may get luck and score one well below the USD40 price tag.



Buy custom monster high dolls - timstudio

This is the personal website for an artist who offers custome monster high dolls repainting services. You can take a look at some of the quality of the repaining via the images above.  I have not personally try it so I can’t tell you first hand how good is the service. However, this is probably the only way you can order something that fits your specifications 100%.


Custom monster high dolls tutorial

In case you want to DIY and take a crack at making your own monster high dolls, here are the basic steps on how you can do it as well as links to other tutorials that you might find useful.

Custom monster high dolls tutorial 1

A fantastic fan resource page that details all her processes and ideas on how to make your own customised monster high dolls. The amount of information in the tutorials are amazing and I strongly recommend any DIY enthusiast who are serious to take a look at the website. You will not regret it.

Custom monster high doll tutorial 2

This is a 2012 article but the information is still relevant. Although the whole site is not about making your own monster high dolls as, this series of articles is still going to give you some insights on the customization process. Best of all, there are many step by step photos and instructions to guide you along the way so it should be newbie friendly.

Custom monster high dolls tutorial 3

The article tells the story of a person struggle to customize her monster high dolls. It is very interesting read that also offers tips on what to do (and what not to do!) Remember to view the video as well as it retells the whole experience in a more easily digestible way.

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