Beauty Watch: Strobing, Selfie-Ready Makeup Trends and More

We’re halfway through the year and the beauty industry continues to churn out new products that have us grabbing our wallets, and screaming “Shut up and take my money!”

In The Spotlight: Strobing


Nope, it’s not highlighting, but “strobing.” According to UK-based Glamour magazine, “strobing is the new contouring,” with more emphasis on the cheekbones on the top by highlighting, instead of from below with a darker shade. The result is a more sculpted look that enhances the contours of your face. Strobing is now embraced more in Asia, where most women prefer to achieve a V-shaped face, using masks, beauty rollers and other skin care products. Strobing makeup now comes in cushion compacts, as well as in pencils and sticks for more convenience.

Selfie-Ready: Makeup for Mega Pixels


Mobile phones and selfies have pushed the beauty industry to accommodate a digitally-powered lifestyle. Increasing mega pixels and screen resolutions of mobile phones, tablets, and other consumer gadgets also require makeup that could stand up to being scrutinized at 300 pixels per inch, pores and all. Thus, we now have selfie-ready makeup that transforms our faces into poreless, flawless canvases, thicker and fuller lashes that frame meticulously lined eyes, and lips lusciously tinted and pouty for that Instagram-worthy shot.

City Sleekers: Pollutant Protectors

Image: iswas

Many Asian cosmetic companies, particularly Korean brands, seasonally release skin care and makeup geared towards blocking dust and pollutants. For centuries, dust from sandstorms originating in Mongolia and China around springtime bring micro-fine particles that are harmful for both skin and body. Compounding the problem is the everyday debris, vehicle exhaust and other pollutants found in highly urbanized areas. Thus, you’ll find Korean products labelled with the words “Dust” or “Pollution,” which usually form an entire skin care regimen geared towards protecting skin from environmental stress and aggressors.

Skin and Self Care: The Beauty of Hygge


“Hygge” (pronounced “hue-gah”) is a Norwegian word that denotes coziness or an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Think sitting in front of a fire on winter morning in fuzzy socks, your favorite pajamas and with a cup of hot chocolate as an example. Although there are no exact translations in other languages, “hygge” becomes a byword for self-care along with beauty products designed to give you a sensuous spa treatment at home. Asian brands now include scented candles to go with their foam bath gels as well as a complement of masks, body oils, essences and cushions with sumptuous textures and ingredients like deep-sea minerals, red algae, and collagen, to name a few.

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