Happy Monday! Who else is ready for spring? Once this time of year hits all I want is that dewy spring glow to my skin, and after a little while I think I’ve figured out the things that make a huge difference for me and my skin! Here are my top three tips.

Glowing Skin Tips

1. FRUIT: What you put into your body will come out through your skin, so make sure you’re filling your diet with fresh natural foods! Fruit is packed with antioxidants and will help to lighten and tighten your skin, it helps to prevent fine and uneven skin toning and lines and also helps with cell regeneration. So basically for firm, youthful skin – eat fruit!! (An apple a day keeps the wrinkles away haha). A quick mini guide:  Lemons – to lighten & tighten skin, Pineapple – prevents fine and uneven skin toning, Avocado – for cell regeneration, Apples – for firm, youthful skin.

Spring Ready Skin: Olay WhipPIN IT

2. MOISTURIZER, MOISTURIZER, MOISTURIZER: The best thing you can do for your skin is to keep is hydrated 24/7. Nothing ages you faster than dry, dull skin. Outside of drinking lots of water use a great moisturizer. Lately I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist Whip (love how soft it makes my skin!) to hydrate and increase elasticity so I can start embracing a fresh face for spring. This will be your best friend no matter what skin type you have! They also are giving free samples away right now for you to try here.

3. HYDRAFACIALS: I swear by these for a quick pick me up! Your skin feels amazing for days and it’s a must right before events or special days. They are perfect to give you that instant gratifying glow. Most spa’s offer them nowadays, but if not there are other great facial alternatives out there as well! They run like a $100-$200 depending on where you live. I did a vlog of my experience a couple years ago here. I do them about once a month.

What’s your favorite way to get your skin ready for spring?!

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